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IL divorce lawyerOn an annual basis, thousands of Americans make the difficult decision to pursue a divorce. A divorce can be an emotionally turbulent process. Without proper planning and competent legal guidance, one can come out of a divorce in less than ideal financial standing. As you prepare for the divorce process, it is critically important to speak with your legal team regarding the aspects of your separation, that are most important to you.

Crucial Factors in Divorce Litigation

Throughout your divorce, you need to understand the way in which certain aspects of your divorce can seriously impact your future. Fortunately, a quality legal team can help you smoothly navigate these issues.

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Illinois divorce lawyersOf all the assets that a couple owns, the family home is often the most valuable. Unfortunately, the recent recession and nation’s lagging recovery has left many homeowners upside down in their mortgages. This can result in significant issues for couples going through a divorce. Thankfully, there are still options. Learn more with help from the following information on how to deal with the family home in divorce if you owe more than what it is worth.

Deed and Title Transfer “Buy-Out”

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In certain situations obtaining financial records from your spouse may be difficult. He or she may be hiding their true income or assets - that is especially true for people who are self-employed. In order to obtain financial documents from your spouse we first have to issue discovery - which is a request made to your spouse to provide us with his or her financial documents. If they do not comply with the request, or if you think there are additional documents that should have been produced, we can also issue subpoenas, file motions to compel discovery and schedule depositions. Although this process can be time-consuming, it's very important to complete it as it will have a tremendously important impact on the division of assets, setting of support or maintenance.

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