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DuPage County Family Law Attorney COVDI19

We are all feeling an impact from COVID-19 and the many safety precautions currently in place. One impact has been seen through court delays and limited court access for the next 30 days or so…

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IL divorce lawyerPeople from all walks of life can be impacted by divorce. Sometimes, it is clear from the beginning that a marriage will not work out while other times a couple that seemed perfect and in love gets divorced. For years, research has been conducted to prove that there are certain types of people who are at a higher risk of divorce others.

For instance, couples who marry as teenagers or wait until they are almost 40 to tie the knot have a greater chance of getting divorced than those who marry in their 20s. In addition, studies have revealed that women are usually the ones that are more likely to initiate divorce.

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Lombard IL divorce lawyersCouples rarely reach the decision to divorce at the same time. Instead, one party may reach the conclusion and start laying the groundwork before they discuss the matter with their spouse. The result is a blindsided individual who is at a distinct disadvantage in the divorce planning process. Thankfully, it may be possible to recognize the signs of divorce before your spouse decides to tell you. Just look for the following financial clues.

Changing How They Manage Their Money

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Illinois divorce lawyersScientists have long known that stress can cause changes the body. It can result in anxiety, decreased immunity, weight gain, weight loss, and much more. What about children, though? Are they affected the same way? A new study seems to suggest so. More specifically, the study determined that children may experience cellular changes in their bodies if their father is absent during childhood. One of the most common situations in which this absence might occur is during a divorce. Learn more about the potential adverse effects of divorce on children, including how you can help to mitigate against them, with help from the following.

A Closer Look at the Study

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Jezeli uzywasz inny rozklad wizytacji z dziecmi niz jest ustwiony w papierach sadowych, powinienes ten nowy rozklad zmienic takze sadownie. Mozna to zrobic bardzo prosto - jezeli obydwie strony zgadzaja sie na to ze rozklad powinien byc zmieniony. Jezeli nie ma zgody, to trzeba zlozyc pozew i poprosic sedziego o zmiane.

Zmiana poprzez sad jest wazna poniewaz dopuki nie ma takiej zmiany, to dokumenty sadowe beda dyktowac jaka jest wizytacja w razie nieporozumienia. Na przyklad, jezeli miales wiecej wizytacji niz jest napisane w dokumentach sadowych, ale nagle druga strona nie chce ci dac tych extra dni, to niestety nie dostaniesz nic extra dopuki sedzia nie zmieni nakazu. A zeby zlozyc pozew i miec przesluchanie sadowe na ten temat, bedziesz czesto musial zaczekac miedzy 45 a 60 dni (czasami nawet dluzej). Podczas tego czekania na przesluchanie, wizytacja ktora bedzie obowiazywala, to bedzie ta ktora jest wyznaczona w dokumentach sadowych - a nie ta ktora moze miales przez ostatni czas.

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