The Importance of Being Able to Communicate with Your Attorney

Coming into contact with the legal system can be very scary – especially for a person whose first language is not English or who may not be familiar with the laws in the U.S.  That’s why it is so important to have an attorney who, although educated in the United States, is able to communicate in one’s native language.  At Aldrich & Siedlarz Law, P.C. we are very fortunate to have an attorney who speaks fluent polish.  Our polish speaking attorney, Marlene Siedlarz, is a first generation American who is connected to her Polish roots and active in the Polish community.  Whether your case is in DuPage, Will or Cook County, having a Polish speaking attorney is an advantage. The ability and ease of communicating with your attorney in your native language streamlines what can be an otherwise difficult process and helps you feel at ease.  Because of our polish speaking attorney’s ability to communicate in polish with her polish-speaking clients, we are able to work with clients who often feel uncomfortable because English in not their first language. 

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