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According to Illinois law, there are many traffic violations that are not considered criminal offenses, and as such, it is easy to view a traffic ticket as more of a nusance than a serious concern. However, there are circumstances in which the penalties for a traffic violation can be quite a bit more serious than a fine. If you have been charged with multiple traffic violations in a short time, it is a good idea to consult with an attorney to determine whether your driver’s license may be at risk, and to develop a defense strategy that may help you avoid conviction.

Wychowywanie niepełnosprawnego dziecka może być niezwykle znaczącym i satysfakcjonującym doświadczeniem. Może jednak również wiązać się z poważnymi wyzwaniami osobistymi i finansowymi. Kiedy rodzic ma dziecko niepełnosprawne, dziecko może potrzebować dodatkowej pomocy w codziennych czynnościach życiowych, takich jak ubieranie się i jedzenie. Dziecko może również wymagać rozległej opieki medycznej, specjalnej edukacji lub korepetycji. Dla rodziców dzieci niepełnosprawnych wyzwania te nie znikają, gdy dziecko osiąga wiek 18 lat. W konsekwencji niektórzy rodzice …

In many Illinois divorce cases, especially those in which the couple has a high net worth, business assets are divided along with the rest of the spouses’ marital property. However, there are often complications when it comes to business property division, starting with the determination of whether a business is, in fact, a marital asset. If you are a business owner, it is important to understand the difference between non-marital and marital business assets as you prepare for your divorce.

While most people recognize that shoplifting is wrong, there is a common perception that it is a fairly minor criminal offense with few serious consequences. However, according to Illinois law, shoplifting or retail theft can sometimes be charged as a felony, with penalties that can be quite serious. If you are facing theft charges, it is important to understand how severe they may be and to work with an experienced attorney who can help you build a strong defense.

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