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If you are following a visitation schedule that is different from the one set forth in your Custody Judgment, it is important to enter a Court Order that reflects the actual schedule you are following. This can be done by agreement if you and your former spouse acknowledge and agree to continue following this modified schedule. It can also be accomplished by filing a Petition to Modify Visitation, wherein you can ask the Judge to enter a Court Order reflecting the modified schedule you have been following, if there is no agreement to do so.

If you have been separated from your spouse and have lost touch with him or her and don't know where they live, you can still get divorced. You will have to prove that you are unable to find your spouse - whether on your own or through mutual friends or family, and complete a publication process that will have to be provided to the judge. You will not be able to have the judge decide issues related to, for example custody or support, but you will be able to get a divorce. The Court will then retain jurisdiction over the remaining issues.

The legalization of same-sex marriage throughout the country may affect certain rights and benefits that unmarried same-sex couples have gained over the last few years in the workplace. Will your employer still offer the same domestic partner benefits to you as an unmarried same-sex couple now that same-sex marriage is legal? Will doing so create issues for employers who don't offer the same benefits to unmarried couples of the opposite sex?

School is back in session in some areas and will be here soon in others. As a result, we wanted to remind you once again to watch out for those special school zone speed limits because a ticket for speeding in a school zone carries with it severe consequences.

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