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Archive, July 2015.

When you are pulled over for a traffic violation, it is important to resist the urge to apologize to the officer. Many drivers in this situation are nervous and hopeful they may be able to avoid a ticket altogether. While courtesy towards the officer is more than ok and may help you avoid the ticket, apologizing for the alleged traffic violation will be detrimental in court and can lead to even worse consequences if an accident occurred. An apology is considered an admission of guilt which can and will be used against you in court should you decide to challenge the ticket. Similarly, and …

In certain situations obtaining financial records from your spouse may be difficult. He or she may be hiding their true income or assets - that is especially true for people who are self-employed. In order to obtain financial documents from your spouse we first have to issue discovery - which is a request made to your spouse to provide us with his or her financial documents. If they do not comply with the request, or if you think there are additional documents that should have been produced, we can also issue subpoenas, file motions to compel discovery and schedule depositions. Although this …

You might be wondering what to do if a police officer asks to search your vehicle upon pulling you over for a traffic violation. Many people feel intimidated and nervous during a traffic stop and might not realize that they can and should refuse a vehicle search. If an officer is asking to search your car, chances are he or she is suspicious of something more going on than your minor traffic infraction. Usually officers ask to search a vehicle due to suspicions of DUI, open alcohol or drug possession.

Many parents finalizing their divorce look forward to a fresh start. That fresh start often involves moving away from the former marital residence. Although the residential parent can move out of the residence (either after the divorce or during, if appropriate), such move can't be as to impede the other parent's visitation rights. Unless your Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage provides otherwise, you can't move out of state with your minor children without either 1) the other parent's agreement or 2) permission from the Court. If you want to move out of state with your children and the …

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